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All My Children

At the Independent School where I teach, there are about 25 “faculty children,” and my son and daughter are among that group. There are many great benefits to teaching at the same school where my children are enrolled…we are all on the same schedule, we commute together, we enjoy a break on tuition, and we …

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On Educational Inequity

Today was a day off from school–we were closed for Hurricane Sandy.  Here’s what the day looked like at our house.  William practiced his trumpet, read for several hours, played a board game, and worked on a math project.  Julia played with a friend, practiced trombone, read a book, and helped me make banana bread. …

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You Only Live Once

In the last year or so, the acronym YOLO has gained currency and credence with my teenage students and other young people across the country.  “You Only Live Once” has become something of a battle cry–perhaps this generation’s version of “Carpe Diem” with some dubious grammar (should it be “You Live Only Once”?)  While the …

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AP = All Prepared

Tomorrow morning at 8 am, my 38 11th graders will rip open the seal on the 2012 AP United States History test.  I’m not allowed in the testing room tomorrow morning…in fact, I’m not even supposed to talk to them for 48 hours.  As of this afternoon, I’ve done my job and it is really …

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Widening the Circle

I am a spoiled teacher.  I admit this freely and openly.  I teach at a private school with many resources…our library, auditorium, and sports facilities rival those at many small colleges.  My classes are small, typically about 14-18 students.  There are no metal detectors at the entrances, and many students don’t lock their lockers.  While my …

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